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Elke De Witte
ZOL Genk Integratie
LynxCare is reeds 1,5 jaar operationeel binnen ZOL Genk en is nu..
Elke De Witte
Spine Tango Register

Start Spine Tango Belgium 


Spine Tango was established in 2002 by the..

Dries Hens
Europaziekenhuis neemt de leiding in outcome driven healthcare

Europaziekenhuizen zet

in op value base healthcare 

met LynxCare  

Het belang..

Dries Hens
Press release: Management buy out

Management buy out & incorporation LynxCare INC, CA. 

San Francisco (CA),..

Elke De Witte
Interview with  Dr. Dujardin

AI helps cardiologists 

Artificial intelligence (AI) can analyze patient..


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