Press release: Management buy out

Dries Hens

Management buy out & incorporation LynxCare INC, CA. 

San Francisco (CA), USA – Leuven, Belgium - Sept. 2, 2018 – 

LynxCare announces the Management Buyout from 2 early-stage Angel Investors & incorporates in San Francisco (CA), USA. LynxCare is now owned 100% by the Founders, operationally active Angels and the accelerators IMEC BlueHealth (Leuven, Belgium) & The Alchemist (San Francisco, USA).

Over the past two years LynxCare has followed a bold growth strategy, closing cornerstone healthcare customers in the first year of operations (e.g. ZOL Genk, Belgium), recently doubling SaaS sales and closing the first key customers in the USA. The management buyout puts LynxCare into a strong position to continue building upon that success.

LynxCare was founded by Georges De Feu (Pharm.D.-CEO) and Dries Hens (M.D.-CBO) to promote next-generation precision medicine aggregating accurate data over various hospital data sources (HL7, IoT, medical records, claims, …) . The AI-powered Big Data platform extracts key data points from the various siloed data sources and enables healthcare practitioners to improve the outcomes of their procedures and provide tailored care to their patients in real-time. Now active in 9 healthcare centers, LynxCare supports healthcare practitioners to optimize their treatments for ten-thousands of patients in several disease area’s ranging from cardiology, bariatrics, to cutting-edge stem cell orthopedic biografting.

Georges De Feu, LynxCare CEO, says " The transaction is a key milestone to support the exponential growth and expansion into the United States market. Supported by international organizations as ICHOM (International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement), we’re committed to transform the current use of healthcare data: we envision every healthcare provider in the next few years to start using the amassed, siloed health data to guide their decisions and continuously improve care for their patients"










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