Our technology: what's NLP and who's behind it?


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LynxCare’s technology to automate extraction of clinical data from medical reports heavily relies on Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. By combining computer science, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics knowledge, NLP makes computers able to understand, manipulate and learn human language — or at least to better perform those tasks! Taking into account the larger and larger amounts of medical data coming everyday, a little help from computers to process and leverage all these data wouldn’t be superfluous. At LynxCare, we leverage various NLP strategies to make the structuration of data as smooth as possible. This is in a nutshell how we use NLP as we also want to introduce one of our team members working on the NLP technology. Soon you’ll find more detailed information on NLP and our technology. If interested send us an email. Stay tuned!


Charlotte Hansart was born in the region of Hainaut, Belgium. She studied Romance Philology and Linguistics at the University of Namur, and then she obtained a Master in Linguistics and Natural Language Processing at the University of Louvain, in Louvain-la-Neuve. She started studying the medical language during her Master studies, since she did her internship and her dissertation about medical language-related problems, namely social information detection and clinical note segmentation. After a short time as a researcher at the University of Louvain, she looked for a position where she could have a bigger impact on improving patients’ and physicians’ experience. As LynxCare technology was already adopted in some Belgian hospitals, joining LynxCare has been a great opportunity and an obvious choice!

Charlotte @LynxCare

One year ago, Charlotte joined the company to take care of the LynxCare NLP engine. She is responsible for designing a NLP engine combining performance, scalability, speed and robustness. Aside from that, she is also doing a PhD in Computational Linguistics in collaboration with the company and the University of Antwerp under a Baekeland mandate (VLAIO): the PhD is dedicated to improving the scalability of the LynxCare NLP engine by leveraging hot technologies like deep learning.


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