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As the LynxCare team is growing and we are no longer on one side of the Ocean, it’s the right time to start sharing more about what we do in our company blog. In this blog we will talk about what is happening at LynxCare. This will vary from sharing company updates, clinical success stories, whitepapers, health care & technology related topics, and potentially more as the blog matures.

Let’s start with properly introducing ourselves. LynxCare is a medical IT company that automatically processes patient records, provides information and follows-up on the patient’s care. We built breakthrough clinical NLP & AI technology making both clinical and patient information available to improve outcomes and practice efficiency.

Our team is about 50% medical (physicians, pharmacist, nurses, clinical researchers) and 50% IT (developers, data scientists, testers …) and now counts 10 people and is growing fast. Make sure to check the team page for updates. Each week we will introduce a team member and you will be able to get a glimpse of what that person’s role is at LynxCare.

We opened our US offices in San Francisco in October. So let's start with introducing Elke De Witte who is responsible for the West-Coast office in the capital of technology.


Elke De Witte was born in Belgium not far from the Flemish coast side. She studied at the University of Ghent where she obtained a Master in Logopedic and Audiologic Sciences followed by a research master in Neurolinguistics at the Free University of Brussels. She started working as a clinician in UZ Leuven at the departments Neurology and Neurosurgery. Her specific interest in neurogenic language disorders was further explored during her PhD.

A postdoc project brought her to UCSF in San Francisco. There she joined the neuroscience & neurosurgery team to study the effect of brain surgery on brain plasticity and outcomes. Working as a clinical researcher she noticed that data collection and patient follow-up take a lot of time. Manually going through all the medical reports to extract the necessary data for research is a long-term process. In addition, as patients are often not local, follow-up is quite challenging and getting high patient response rates isn’t easy. That is how she became passionate about bridging the gap between healthcare, research and technology. After Elke was granted the Prince Albert Fund, she was looking for a company using technology to optimize patient follow-up, outcomes and research. So LynxCare was a perfect match!

Elke @LynxCare

Elke is our first point of contact in the USA and is based in the Belgian American Chamber of commerce’s coworking space. She will further explore the needs of the physicians/researchers over there in order to tailor our technology as necessary. As such we will set up qualitative projects to expand our activities internationally. Aside from that she will be going to conferences and presenting LynxCare’s solution and results.


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